The CLUB Suit

Clubs govern the period of life after childhood when we are sent off to school every day. It is the second season of the year and represents the summertime of life. In cardology, the Clubs suit represents the mind and mental activities. Clubs people love to read and to learn new things and thrive on conversation and communications in all forms. To a Clubs person, education of some sort is a prerequisite so they may fulfill their responsibility of comprehending and translating the facts of life. They are the detail-oriented people too and will notice and find things that other suits miss.

The Clubs person is here searching for the perfect truth. Clubs people are creative and experience life through talking and learning. As the eternal college students of the deck, Clubs are curious, always thinking, and love to talk, read and teach. The positive Clubs is brilliant and well-informed; the negative Clubs can be a dishonest know-it-all. The negative Clubs person should avoid the temptation to abuse their power through the manipulation of fact, negative arguments and the distortion of knowledge.

The Clubs suits governs education, communications, both written and verbal, our thinking, and information-based activities and jobs. Legal matters are also ruled by Clubs. They do well in occupations that provide them with the opportunity to share their insights and intellectual powers such as journalism, law, teaching, writing, and counseling.

The Clubs suit governs 133 birthdays in the year. Its ruling planets are Mars and Earth. Olney Richmond stated that while Mars rules Clubs mainly from the standpoint of action and aggressiveness, Earth rules from the standpoint of selfishness and greed.

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