March is the third month of the year in both the Julian and Gregorian calendars. It is the second month to have a length of 31 days. In the Northern Hemisphere, the meteorological beginning of spring occurs on the first day of March. The March equinox on the 20th or 21st marks the astronomical beginning of spring in the Northern Hemisphere and the beginning of autumn in the Southern Hemisphere, where September is the seasonal equivalent of the Northern Hemisphere's March.

The JACK of Clubs Club's March JACK  of Clubs Marcia Anne Cross

Marcia Anne Cross is best known for her role in 'Desperate Housewives' as Bree Van de Kamp, opposite Terri Hatcher and Eva Longoria. Marcia Cross was born on March 25, 1962, in Marlborough, Massachusetts, started acting at a young age and studied at the Julliard School in New York City. After roles on various TV programs, she landed on the popular series Melrose Place as Dr. Kimberly Shaw. Beginning in 2004, she played perfectionist homemaker Bree Van de Kamp on Desperate Housewives, earning three Golden Globe nominations before the show concluded in 2012.


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