The 52 Shades of Karma

"If we do our Karma, Dharma will take care of itself"

An astrological chart gives a picture of your Karmic probabilities. A competent astrologer can interpret your chart and give you advice concerning the possible effects Karma will play in different areas and at different times of your life. 

Vedanta says that all your Karma is stored in the Jiva, the individual soul, or the aspect of the soul conditioned by Karma. Vedanta describes three types of Karma: that which you have chosen to process during this particular birth, that which is stored for later births, and the new Karma you generate every moment of your existence. 

Vedanta says that if you understand Dharma and Karma, you will know everything. Dharma is usually defined as purpose or truth. When you find your true purpose in life and live in total alignment with that, your actions will become spontaneously correct and you will never create Karma.

"The Karma and Dharma are not related to each other. Either Karma can have its existence or Dharma can have its existence. It is impossible that both can have existence at the same time. If a person dies in Dharma then there is no birth again and if a person dies in Karma then there is rebirth to continue in Karma" - Deepak Chopra

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 What's Your Karma?

Determined by the day you were born, you have a unique Card. Hidden within the esoteric meaning of that Card is your Past, your Present, and your Future tendencies.

These are not "destiny cards." Your destiny is not set in stone! It is yours to shape, mold, create, and recreate. There is no official organization, secret club, or particular sect of any kind that has authority over this unique language of cards, and you do not need to be psychic or spiritual to understand how the formula works and apply the benefits to your life and the lives of those you love.

Renowned astrologer and author of "The Holy Science", Swami Sri Yukteswar states "A child is born on that day, and at that hour when the celestial rays are in mathematical harmony with his individual Karma, revealing his unalterable past and its probable future result." Thus the Karma, or "cause and effect" of your life is revealed as an imprint on the fabric of time. It is translated in the science of Astrology as a language of stars, in Numerology as a language of numbers, and in Palmistry as a language of marks and lines found on the palms of your hands the moment you are born.

"Little Book and its 52 Pages" 

As unbelievable as it seems, there is another language describing the paths of our Karma. Passed down through the millennia as the world's greatest past-time, the numbers, and symbols on regular playing cards conceal a numeric replica of our solar year and the unvarying cycles of our solar system. When applied to the day on which you were born, the "Little Book and its 52 Pages" describes individual karma, and "karmic connections" between people. Best of all, the cards show how to reshape the negative karmic imprints on your subconscious mind, turning bad karma into good karma, one card at a time!


Spiritual Meaning of Karma

In my years of working with clients and their karmic history, I have chosen to take the meaning of karma out of the duality, that is, the belief that doing good brings good things, doing bad brings bad things. Instead, I use a deeper spiritual meaning of karma—its role as the unresolved emotional wounds from our past lives. Over lifetimes, we also generate what I call “karmic threads or emotions,” such as betrayal, abandonment, anger, belittlement, guilt, shame, and fear, which we carry through each existence.

I believe that when we address the true karma, or vibrational match, for events in our lives, we can clear these threads once and for all. Unresolved emotional wounds, such as the loss of a parent as a child, being a victim of abuse, or witnessing extreme violence in this life or past lives create karma. Karmic events mark our journey, and often have deep emotional components that we can spend lifetimes trying to heal.

 ACE  of Hearts - "Desire for Affection" Karma - Selfishness

  ACE  of Clubs "Desire for Knowledge" Karma - Emotional Stability 

  ACE  of Diamonds: "DESIRE for MONEY and LOVE" Karma - Acquisition

ACE   of Spades: "The Card of AMBITION" Karma - Emotional Interference  

 TWO  of Hearts - "Union of Love" Karmic Challenge - Fear of Debt 

  TWO  of Clubs: "The Card of CONVERSATION" Karmic Challenge - Fear of Cooperation

  TWO  of Diamonds: "The Wheeler Dealer Card" Karmic Challenge - Fear of Lack

  TWO  of Spades: "The Friendship Card" Karmic Challenge: Fear of Unity 

THREE  of Hearts "Variety in Love,"   Karma - Loyalty

  THREE   of Clubs "The 'WRITER'S Card" Karma for the 3 of Clubs: Faith.

  THREE  of Diamonds "The Undecided Values Card" Karmic Challenge: Dependence on Others.


   THREE  of Spades: "The ARTIST Card" Karmic Challenge - Finding Peace

FOUR  of Hearts "The Family & Marriage Card"  Karma - Self Satisfaction

  FOUR  of Clubs: "The Card of MENTAL SATISFACTION" Karma - Diffusion

  FOUR  of Diamonds "The Card of Solid Values" Karma for the 4 of Diamonds - Overcoming of Self

  FOUR  of Spades: "The Card of SECURITY and SATISFACTION"  Karma  - Uncertainty in Values

  FIVE  of Hearts "The Emotional Adventurer"  KarmaDissatisfaction with Personal Life


Karma  – Skepticism

  FIVE  of Diamonds "The SALESPERSON Card" 

Karma  - Accepting Reality

   FIVE  of Spades: "The Card of the WANDERER" Karma  – Discouragement

  SIX  of Hearts "The Peace-Maker Card" Karma - Humility 

  SIX  of Clubs: " The Card of HIGHER PURPOSE" Karma  - Cultivation of Intuition

  SIX  of Diamonds - "FINANCIAL RESPONSIBILITY" Karma - True Worth.

  SIX  of Spades: "The Card of FATE" Karma - FAITH 

SEVEN  of Hearts "The Spiritual Love Card" Karma  - Jealousy

  SEVEN  of Clubs: "The Card of SPIRITUAL KNOWLEDGE" Karma – Agnostic

  SEVEN  of Diamonds: "The MILLIONAIRE'S Card"  Karma - Harmonization of Money and Love

   SEVEN  of Spades: "The Card of FAITH"   Karma  - Recognition of Power 

EIGHT  of Hearts "The Emotional Power Card" Karma - Abuse of Power 

  EIGHT  of Clubs: "The Card of MENTAL POWER" Karma - Fear of Domination

  EIGHT  of Diamonds: "The Sun Card"  Karma  - Material Control

   EIGHT  of Spades: "The POWER THROUGH WORK Card"  Karma - Materialism

  NINE  of Hearts "The Universal Love Card" Karma - Impersonal Love 

  NINE  of Clubs: "The Card of UNIVERSAL KNOWLEDGE & The GIVER of KNOWLEDGE"  Karma  - Mental Weakness 

  NINE  of Diamonds: "The Card of UNIVERSAL VALUES and The GIVER'S Card"  KARMA - Faith in the Golden Calf 

  NINE  of Spades: "The UNIVERSAL GIVER Card"  Karma - Universality

  TEN  of Hearts "The Success with Groups" Karma - Self - Insistence 

  TEN  of Clubs: "The TEACHER Card"  Karma  - Vacillation of Values

  TEN  of Diamonds: "The Blessed Card"  Karma  - Expediency in Associations

  TEN  of Spades - "The WORK SUCCESS Card"  Karma Awareness 

  JACK  of Hearts "Sacrifice through Love" Karma - Impersonality of Self 

  The JACK  of Clubs - "The MENTALLY CREATIVE Card"  Karma - Fear of Established Wisdom

  JACK  of Diamonds: "The FINANCIALLY CREATIVE Card" Karma - Recognition of Mental/Intuitional Power

  JACK  of Spades: "The SPIRITUAL INITIATE or the THIEF Card"  Karma - Right Choice of Objectives

QUEEN  of Hearts  "The Loving Mother Card" Karma -  Emotional Discontent

  QUEEN   of Clubs: "The Mother of Intuition Card"  Karma - Sacrifices for the Good of Others 

  QUEEN  of Diamonds: "The PHILANTHROPIST Card"  Karma ~ Financial Security At All Cost

  QUEEN  of Spades: "The Card of SELF-MASTERY"  Karma - Self Mastery

  KING  of Hearts "The Loving Father Card" Karma - Easygoing Inactivity

  KING  of Clubs: "The KING of KNOWLEDGE and MASTER of DISTINCTIONS"  Karma - Frivolity

  KING of  Diamonds: "The BUSINESS OWNER"  Karma - Denial of the Power of Love

  KING  of Spades: "The MASTER Card"  Karma - Self Distrust