Birthday Reading

Birthday Reading


When I discovered Robert Lee Camp's Cards of your Destinythe Rosetta Stone, for translating astrology into psychology, I laboriously, did cut and paste partial readings for only the Birth Card,  and just the three most important ones: Long Range, Pluto, and Reward Cards. After we moved to Antalya in 2015, I licensed Camp's Card Science Software for PC's, which allowed me to generate a full report for both the Self (Birth) and Ego (Planetary Ruling) Cards. The report comes in a PDF format and I use this system to day for:



      Money & Success                 What's the Plan Stan? 

This past August, I went a step further and subscribed to Camp's Web Based Destiny Software, which has much improved graphics, better explanations of the information and takes a lot less time to produce. Additionally, the information is easier to digest. My contribution to these generic reports is to illustrate how the two readings Birth (Self) & Planetary Ruling (Ego) mesh with the corporate world of Behavioral Psychology known as Psychometrics.



      Astrology 'Wheel' 

Robert Camp, an Astrologer, has through his books and software products made understanding our personal Horoscope & Astrology Readings digestible and visual.


Robert Camp's Love Cards 



  DISC the corporate world's leading 'psychometric' behavioral psychology test, developed from Jungian Quadrant Theory.

 The Difference between Psychometrics and Astrological Psychology


Counting Leap Year, there are 366 discrete birthdays, but only 52 Birth (Self) Cards. For example: I am a September 13, JACK  of Clubs but there are twelve JACK's, January 29 Oprah being the most famous. 

Some have two Ego Cards like the November 9 Scorpio Hedy Lamarr 

The November 9th MENTALLY CREATIVE Card

Hedy  Lamar


The Scorpio's know too much or let's say they are more flexible than others.


Conversely, the Leo's, like August 15, Maxine Waters, have Ego (Planetary Ruling) and Self (Birth) cards that are one and the same. This explains why Leo's are so confident and prone to singleness of purpose.  

            The August 15th MENTALLY CREATIVE Card                

           Maxine  Waters      



Astro-Psychometric Quadrants: Examples of different Ego structure for same Birth (Self) card


Astrological Psychology vs Psychological Astrology

All Psychometric (Psych Tests) are 'linguistically' (Ego) driven and static. Compare the Kolb Learning Style Inventory (free test) with your birthday.


The Bernie Example


Your Long Range (Focus, Theme & Plot) Card

This card can mark a year in which you find a deeper purpose for your life and work. Any six in such a prominent position can signal a time when we discover something that we are fated to do. In this case, it would involve helping others to find a more meaningful set of values to base their life upon.

Auspicious Events Occurring for Bernie This Year 


Environment           Displacement

This is a Major Completion Year for Bernie because he has a Nine card in a prominent position this year (Long Range, Pluto, Result, Environment, or Displacement)

Bernie's September 8 2019 to September 8 2020 Reading
Your Mercury Period begins 9/8/2019 and ends 10/30/2019 - Bernie has a heart attack in Vegas Oct 1
Your Venus Period begins 10/30/2019 and ends 12/21/2019
Your Mars Period begins 12/21/2019 and ends 02/12/2020
Your Jupiter Period begins 02/12/2020 and ends 04/4/2020
Your Saturn Period begins 04/4/2020 and ends 05/26/2020
Your Uranus Period begins 05/26/2020 and ends 07/17/2020 - The 2020 Democratic National Convention ‎July 13–16, 2020
Your Neptune Period begins 07/17/2020 and ends 09/7/2020