Show Me the MONEY

Show Me the MONEY


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Obama hires agency for speaking gigs, lawyers for book deals

 Personal Yearly Report for Barack Obama Born 8/4/1961   Age 55

 Your Jupiter Period lasts from 8 January 2017 till 1 March 2017 Jupiter is the 52 day Pay Day period. Diamonds are the money cards, so chances for getting paid real money happen when you have good diamond cards in the Jupiter Period. Obama collected for his eight year reign with the EIGHT of Diamonds, the Financial Responsibility Card.

 The Eight of Diamonds in the Jupiter Period  This is a card of recognition and reward for efforts. A large sum of money could come into your life now, possibly making you affluent.

 The Nine of Hearts in Jupiter is called the 'Wish Card'. Indeed, you may get one or more of your important wishes fulfilled during this period.

 "The Obama's are getting a record-setting book deal worth at least $60 million," Mark Abadi, Feb 28, 2017, 3:51 PM


 I moved from Houston, all things real, to Eugene, all things weird, in August 2008. Reading books and drinking coffee led me to Gary Goldschneider's Secret Language of Birthdays, Relationships & Destiny. The three voluminous volumes illuminate the 366 possible personality types.

As an architect I was drawn to Robert Lee Camp's Cards of Destiny for two big reasons 1) it was astrology for dummies 53 cards each bearing the character traits Hearts/Love, Clubs/Mental, Diamonds/Money, Spades/Action. 2) You could actually predict the future for each day of the year from birth to age 99. 

 Another cultural experience was birth carding my 900+ ESL students in China and doing manual birthday readings for my friends. Only 27 of those 900 students could speak or understand what I was saying, however, knowing their birth personalities helped me understand them. Friends I know and from their readings, I understand the cards.

Manual readings from Robert's 'Cards of Your Destiny' book is too time consuming to do more than skim to the punch line, the REWARD/RESULT statement.  Now, I have licensed Robert's software which enables me to generate in-depth reports for Obama et al in about 15 minutes. All it takes is your mm/dd/yyyy and $4.95.